Youth 2000
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Charity No. 1000371

Who We Are

Young friends who believe in Jesus, in His absolute and unconditional love for each one of us, in His divine mercy that frees every heart from sin, in the power of His resurrection and in His incredible plan for each of us to live life to the full in our own unique way. We are saints in the making, building Jesus’ kingdom of freedom in the hearts of young people here in the U.K. 


Our vision is that

Through the power of the Holy Spirit,
Youth 2000 seeks to raise up a new generation of saints to evangelise the nations

What we hope for every young personOur mission is for every young person


To be
Connected to friends Committed to Christ and His Church Commissioned for the Mission Set on fire with the Holy Spirit


What we hope we will see

Our objective is to see

who invite their generation
devoted to the Eucharist and Mary,
Young people set on fire with the Holy Spirit, 
into relationship with Jesus Christ, rebuild the Church and transform society into a civilisation of love




In 1989 Pope Saint John Paul II welcomed the youth of the world to Santiago de Compostela in Spain for the 4th World Youth Day. He put this challenge to them: ‘It is up to you young people that the task first falls of bearing witness to the faith and brining into the Third Millennium the Gospel of Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.’ Among the thousands of young people present, John Paul II’s call touched the heart of Ernest Williams who knew that it would be young people living a life totally for God, shining like bright stars in the dark sky, that would bring the Gospel to the world. God planted in Ernest the vision of Youth 2000, a chain of young people in adoration around the entire world. In Ernest's own words: ‘It is the vision of Youth 2000 to infuse the hearts of young people through Eucharistic gatherings with a desire for union with the heart and mind of Christ Jesus.’ 

The first Youth 2000 festival of prayer was launched in Medjugorje in 1990, where 7,000 young people gathered from across 24 countries to discover the living person of Jesus, many for the first time. Inspired by this experience and filled with hope, many young people returned home to the U.K. desiring to share the joy and love that they had discovered in coming to know Jesus. Over the past 28 years, hundreds-of-thousands of young people have met Jesus Christ through the mission of Youth 2000.