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What is it?


2018’s biggest young Catholic Summer Festival! Walsingham, a 5-day camping festival run by young people for young people. It is about us discovering who we are as we come face-to-face with the God who made us, knows us and loves us. 

Holding nothing back, together we ask all the biggest questions in an environment of a wholehearted encounter. What am I worth? What’s my purpose? Deep down, who am I? Come and experience the young church in all its vibrancy and colour gathered around the living, beating, eucharistic heart of Jesus who calls each one of us to live life to the full, loving God and neighbour with all our heart, strength, soul and mind.

Who's it for?

Walsingham is the highlight of our year. It is an opportunity to go on an incredible journey with the young church. Yes, a geographical journey to the corner of Norfolk, but also the interior journey towards God. 

Anyone between the ages of 16 - 35, or families with parents or children in this age-range are welcome. 

Any young person of the Catholic faith, whether it’s thriving or spluttering at the moment, can explode into life surrounded by so many other young believers at this festival.

Anyone of any faith or none with a question, a spark, an openness to seek out answers is especially welcome.

You're so welcome!

To book your place at Walsingham 2018 jump up to the top of the page and hit BOOK NOW! We do offer on-site registration - open throughout the festival - but would love it if you could register early so that you can get the most out of the experience. It's reeeeeally simple. 

You'll receive a confirmation email and a welcome from us and then when you arrive on site you'll get your wristband and festival programme. With your registration come all your meals and a space to pitch your tent. (If you don't have a tent you can jump in one of our 6-man 'sharers' by letting us know when you register - it's a sure way to make friends!) 

Under 16's can only register as part of a group (family/non-family with two named, consenting guardians).

If you're 16/17 you'll need to bring a signed parental consent form, which you'll receive in the booking process. 

If you're over-35 and not a guardian, you can sign up to be a volunteer by choosing the over-35 option in the booking process. 

We believe money should never be an obstacle to meeting Jesus. So we offer various subsidised spaces at the Festival. Please give within your means, but give generously; each place at Walsingham 2018 costs £100 and covers everything from site infrastructure and security, to food and camping, speakers and entertainment for 5 days. If you are capable, please consider sponsoring another space :)


Houghton St Giles, Walsingham NR22 6AL