First time?

If you’ve never been to a Youth 2000 festival before, this is the place for you. You may be considering coming to a prayer festival and would like to find out what’s in store. Read on, as we explain a little about Youth 2000 and what happens at a prayer festival...

Youth 2000 organises prayer festivals that help young adults aged 16-30 discover a new relationship with God at the heart of the Catholic Church. At a prayer festival, you will have the opportunity to discover:

  • How we can have a relationship with God that will change our life
  • How to find our home in the Church
  • How the Eucharist is central to our faith
  • How personal conversion and Confession are vital in our relationship with God
  • How understanding Church teaching and the Scriptures can help us grow

Since 1991, Youth 2000 has helped thousands of young adults to ‘come home’ to the Church. At a prayer festival, young people are led to experience the love of God - sometimes for the first time. Through prayer and a sense of belonging, young people are led to a renewed faith in Christ and his Church. This is testified to by the many young people at the heart of the initiative who offer what they have received to others of their own generation.

What happens at a prayer festival?

At a prayer festival, you will find a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Each retreat is led by young people themselves, and includes talks from dynamic speakers, time to discuss with other young adults, praise and worship, opportunities to learn how to pray, and inspiring testimonies. At the centre of each prayer festival is the Eucharist - in the Mass and in Adoration throughout the weekend. Everyone has an opportunity to come to pray during the night: for many, this can be a powerful moment of encountering the Lord.