Be more involved

If you have been to a Youth 2000 prayer festival before, we hope that you experienced something new at the event. In particular, we hope that you met – either for the first time, or in a new way – Jesus, who is alive and who embraces us in love.

For many of us, attending a Youth 2000 festival is the first step on a new path. Christ calls us to begin a new life, shared with him and in the heart of the Church.

After a prayer festival, it can be quite challenging to return to our normal lives, as nothing seems the same. The challenge that lies ahead is for us to grow in the certainty of our relationship with Jesus, and to live this out in our daily lives.

A Youth 2000 festival is very simple in terms of its content, and it is designed so that we can take home with us the various elements. We can attend Mass and hopefully Eucharistic Adoration in our local parish church. We can carry our rosary beads with us and pray at any time of the day. We can buy good Christian music and listen to this at home. We can seek out local prayer groups or other Christian communities for young people in our area. Overall, we need to make these elements part of our normal lives, lived at the heart of the church.

We would also recommend that you continue to attend Youth 2000 prayer festivals. These take place around the country throughout the year. Attending will help to deepen and confirm the experience we have had, and enable us to continue on this path. Invite your friends along with you – the best way for them to understand the experience you have had is for them to see it for themselves! Click here for details of upcoming events.

You may also feel that you would like to get involved in Youth 2000 – if so, there are a number of ways you can help and we would be delighted to hear from you!

Please consider whether you are able to help Youth 2000 financially. This will guarantee that the work of Youth 2000 is able to continue. We are a charity and we rely entirely on donations for our work. Donations such as yours enable us to host prayer festivals with a “donation only” policy. This means that someone is never prevented from attending an event because they cannot afford it. For more details, please see our fundraising page.

There are also many ways you can help at a festival e.g. being a group leader, playing in the music ministry, helping with registration or security etc. If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, please get in touch!